Dr. Masozera is the Director of Policy and Institutional Partnerships for Africa at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Prior to joining WCS, Dr. Masozera served as the Deputy Wildlife Practice Leader for Africa at WWF International for 3 years working primarily on strategic design, implementation support and evaluation of WWF’s wildlife conservation portfolio across the continent. He is an experienced professional in the field of biodiversity conservation, protected areas management and sustainable development. In the past two decades, Dr. Masozera served in various capacities for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). A highlight from his leadership tenure in Rwanda was the creation of Nyungwe Forest National Park in 2004, one of the largest remaining mountain forests in Rwanda and the Albertine Rift region. His achievements were recognized by the National Geographic/Buffet Award for Leadership in African Conservation in 2004. Michel received M.Sc. degree in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida, Gainesville, and his Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont.

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