Ladis is Akagera’s Park Manager. He was born and raised in Rwanda, he lived in Belgium from 1978 until 1995 and has both Rwandan and Belgian nationality. He is licensed in fuel, diesel and hydraulics engineering and has a Technical Education Diploma. Ladis gained 22 years’ experience in conservation projects as a Field Operation Manager for the European Union (Ecofac & Curess in Odzala, Dja and Zakouma), before joining African Parks in 2008 in Garamba. He worked there until 2013, before moving to Akagera National Park in Rwanda as the Field Operations Manager and now Park Manager. While at Akagera, Ladis has helped oversee the reintroduction of lions and Eastern Black rhino, the building of the western perimeter fence, introduction of high-tech wildlife monitoring systems and numerous infrastructure projects that have turned Akagera into a world-class conservation and tourism destination. His goal is to continue to make Akagera a model of conservation management.